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A group of artists and restoration experts who have over many years, secretly discovered the passages and tunnels of Paris – lovingly restore the city’s forgotten history during the night. They are a group called ‘UX’, short for ‘Urban eXperiment.’ They don’t ask for money, they don’t damage anything and they are adverse in gaining any notoriety.

Why then, one must ask, have they devoted their lives to this cause? In my mind, it is an intense pride for their beloved city. I was so impressed that I had to post this upon reading it.

Click on the link to read the full story on Wired:

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  1. Thank *you*! :)
    I had never “rebloggged” before, but I was lazy to write it just to say it like you did. Also, I hope my readers won’t mind this post in English.

  2. So a big compliment, thanks! I hope they don’t mind my english either, haha! :) Best, edcc xo

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